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Polurrian Lizard 2017-2019 photo by Nathan Williams
It’s hard filming yourself surf with a go pro. You have to be slammed in and waterless. Nathan managed it. It had some self critique but it was worth it. There is a rugged shore near Nathan that is regarded holy, it’s taken by a handful of wild surfers who are smiles and humble of heart. They are sportsmen about their music too and Nathan is one of those men. It’s a peaceful solitary existence…..never lonely.



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Bright solar Outlook is an omnipotent Orbit 

Music is a space dome. It's difficult to word this. I get a solid state amp and very soon I'm editing and playing effects that sound like they're from a seventh or eight universe. But in reality it's just Mars or our very own gateau. I will be recording again. So much in the pipeline amen


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